One of Each
Lake In The Rubies

Here are photos of most of the Lakes in the Ruby Mountains. If you see a lake you like click on the image or the name below the photo for more information. Not all of the images are links. YET.

Castle lake elev. 9,800 ft. 14 acres 5 ft. deep

Cold Lakes elev.9,900 3.7 & 1.8 acres 24 & 28 ft. deep

Dollar Lakes elev. 9600 ft. 3 acres, depth ? (not very)

Echo Lake elev.9,820 ft. 29 acres 155 ft. deep

Favre Lake elev. 9,500 ft. 19 acres,
45 ft. deep

Goat Lake elev. 9,290 ft.

Griswold Lake elev. 9,200 ft. 17 acres, 20 deep

Hidden Lakes elev. 9500 ft.
6.1 & 2.8 acres, 32 & 9 ft. deep

Island Lake elev. 9,800 ft. 7.5 acres, 22 ft. deep

Lamoille Lake (foreground)elev. 9,700 ft.
13.6 acres 20 ft. deep

Liberty Lake elev.10,080 ft.
21 acres,108 ft. deep

Lost Lake elev. 9,872, acres ? ,depth - Unkown but not very deep.

Overland Lake elev. 9,453 15 acres,depth ?

North Furlong elev.9,600 ft. 16 acres, 20 ft. deep

Robinson Lake elev.9,000 ft. 17.4 acres,
Soldier Lake is in the background. 4.5 ft. deep

Sietz Lake, elev. 9,000 ft. 17 acres, 20 ft. deep

Soldier Lakes, elev. 9,100 ft.
6 acres, 14 ft. deep

Verdi Lake elev.10,150 ft. 6 acres, 86 ft. deep

Lost Lake elev. 10,150 ft.

Box Lake elev. 9,600 ft. location - Box Canyon

No name #3 elev. 10,075 ft.

No name #4 elev. 9450 ft.

No name #5 elev. 9905 ft.

No name #6 elev. 9810 ft.

The elevation, acre & depth information was collected from a Humbolt National Forest, Ruby Mountain Ranger District handout. The elevation for the no name lakes I looked up myself using a 7.5 minute series topographic map. You can cross reference a lake above with the "Trail Info" page in this site if you want to see how to get to it or how long it may take to get there. I will eventually have all these lakes on the "Trail Info" page. The link for this page is located on the top of all the pages on this site or click here.


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