Wildlife in the Ruby Mountains

For information and photos of wildlife in the Ruby Mountaints check out the links below.

For viewing wildlife the easiest place is in Lamoille Canyon during the spring (April & May) and fall (November & December).

Some of the larger wildlife you can see in Lamoille Canyon are:

  • Mule Deer
  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
  • Mountain Goats
    These animals can be seen on a regular basis in Lamoille Canyon during the srping and fall.

    Tips for viewing wildlife in Lamoille Canyon.

  • Do not be afraid to ask other people along the road if they have seen something. This is one of the best ways to see wildlife and very few people do it.
  • Use binoculars.
  • Use the map on the right.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.

  • The map above shows where to look for Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats:
  • Red = Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
  • Yellow = Mountain Goats
  • Click on map to enlarge.
  • One Of Each Animal:
    One of Each One photo of each animal we have found in the Ruby Mountains.
    Use the image to link to more info if available.

    Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep:
    Bighorn Sheep Information on bighorn sheep in the Ruby Mountains.

    Photos of bighorn sheep in the Ruby Mountains.

    How to Age bighorn sheep.

    Mountain Goats :
    Mountain Goat Information on mountain goats in the Ruby Mountains.

    Photos photos of mountain goats in the Ruby Mountains.

    Himalayan Snowcock:
    Himalayan Snowcock Information on Snowcock in the Ruby Mountains.

    Photos of the Ruby Mountian Himalayan Snowcock.

  • Mule Deer = Photos of mule deer in the Ruby Mountains.

  • Wild Turkeys = Photos of wild turkeys found at the mouth of Lamoille Canyon.

  • American Dog Tick = Information on one of our more peskier little critters.

  • Pika = Photos of Ruby Mountain Pika.
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